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Why Choose HPG Windows and Doors?

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How long has HPG been in business?

HPG has been in business since 1924 - over 50 years of providing quality service and products to homeowners in the Tri-State area.

Where is HPG located?

HPG is headquartered in Hagerstown, MD and has additional offices in Cumberland, MD. The offices are all locally managed by people who live there.

Do you offer Door and Window installation service?

HPG installs all of the products we sell. We have a competent and qualified staff that carries out the installation of goods supplied.

What are the benefits of using HPG?

HPG will guide you through the window replacement process every step of the way. We will clearly explain your options, take careful measurements, place your order and then install your new windows. As replacement experts, we will provide you with a worry-free, professional experience.

How can I as the consumer verify that I am purchasing a quality window?

HPG only works with carefully selected suppliers that have a reputation for quality of craftsmanship.

I've seen some pretty good deals on windows at a local home center store. Can I save money buying from them versus HPG?

Sometimes you can get a good price at a home center, but there are several pitfalls to watch for. First of all, the best prices are typically for "bargain" windows that may not be built well and may not last long. Second, it is difficult to get a pro to install windows you buy from a home center. HPG carries a wide selection of quality windows to fit most budgets and will always look out for your best interest.