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About Us

The Hagerstown Paint & Glass Co., Inc. was founded in 1924 and became an Overhead Door distributor in 1955. In 2006, our logo evolved into HPG Windows and Doors. We continue to be known for supplying quality products and experienced and knowledgeable representatives.

Whether bidding a large job, or working with a home owner, HPG Windows and Doors works with clients to help them decide which product(s) best meet their needs.

HPG Windows and Doors provides on-site service and installation of our products to contractors, businesses, and homeowners in the four state area of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. We provide shipping to anywhere in the USA. Besides our primary location in Hagerstown, MD, we have a location in Cumberland, MD to serve you.

HPG Windows and Doors employs over 35 people, and promotes a family atmosphere among its co-workers. In fact, the average tenure for Hagerstown Paint & Glass’s employees is over eleven (11) years!

Five Star PerformanceHPG Five Star Performance


A person who has basic integrity, honors commitments and keeps promises. If they say they will be there, they are. If they promise to do something, they do it. Integrity doesn’t mean that a person never makes mistakes. But a person with integrity accepts responsibility for his or her own mistakes or failures and does what is in his or her power to put things right. People of integrity care about work, the product they produce, and about a job well done.

Customer Care

Customer Care involves putting systems in place to manage and
maximize our customers’ satisfaction with our business. Our sales and profitability depend on keeping our customers happy. A huge range of factors can contribute to customer satisfaction, but our customers - both internal and external, and other businesses - are likely to take into account:

  • How well our product or service matches the customer needs
  • Our efficiency and reliability in fulfilling orders
  • The professionalism, friendliness, and expertise of HPG employees
  • How well we keep our customers informed

Profitable Growth

Profitable growth is the assurance that HPG will be in business tomorrow and for years to come. HPG will continue to pursue profitable growth by focusing on both our customer’s needs and our business success.

Healthy Environment

Studies have proven that people who have fun at work are more creative, more productive, work better with others and call in sick less often. Our goal is to make HPG a Healthy and Fun environment by:

  • Supporting healthy lifestyles
  • Making our employees feel valued
  • Providing our employees with honest feedback
  • Making HPG a fun place to work

Employee Empowerment

HPG encourages all employees to think, take action and make decisions on their own. We respect and appreciate our employees and value their critical feedback.